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The Security Datasets project is an open-source initiatve that contributes malicious and benign datasets, from different platforms, to the infosec community to expedite data analysis and threat research.


  • Provide open portable datasets to expedite the development of data analytics.

  • Facilitate and expedite adversary techniques simulation.

  • Allow security analysts around the world to test their skills with real data.

  • Improve the testing and validation of detection analytics in an easier, practical, modular and more affordable way.

  • Enable data scientists to have labeled and unlabeled data for initial research and features development.

  • Help the community map datasets to other open source projects such as Sigma, Atomic Red Team, Threat Hunter Playbook (Jupyter Notebooks) and MITRE ATT&CK.

  • Provide datasets for other social/community events such as Capture The Flags (CTFs) or hackathons to encourage collaboration.

Projects Using Security Datasets#



Help us build the largest library of datasets for the InfoSec community!. Learn more about how you could do it here!